Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training for Trainers Completed in Fitchburg

This week four of our fabulous TAB instructors, Susan Wallace, Keely Malone, Josie Carra, and Jennifer Lerner trained a group of 24 youth and 14 adults to teach TAB at the North Central Charter Essential School.  The program will be rolled out in late September and will be taught to all 7th and 9th graders.  The program will be taught exclusively by this group of youth and adults from the community that were trained Aug 8th, 9th, & 10th. 

The TAB training for trainers was part of the NCCES Ambassador, student leadership development program.  The 24 youth participants working in teams of 2, many with adult co-trainers, spent 12 hours teaching the full Basic TAB curriculum to other participants.  By the close of the close of the training all participants felt confident in their skills to maintain their classrooms, convey the material and have fun.  They are all eager to begin teaching TAB to the students at NCCES.  Many of the youth trainers have asked to be part of the staff training that will be part of NCCES's professional development later this Summer and into the Fall.  Having the entire staff received the Basic TAB curriculum will increase the knowledge of TAB and showcase the language and concepts that will soon be part of the school culture.  In order for youth to take a stand against harmful behaviors adults must first allow interventions, support active bystandership and encourage peers to step up on the behalf of others.  NCCES it a perfect fit for this program and TAB will certainly flourish.

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