Thursday, October 7, 2010

9 Teens Lost to Suicidein the Month of September!! This has got to stop!!!!!

On September 9, fifteen year-old Billy Lucas of Greensburg, Indiana was found hanging from one of the rafters in his family's barn by his mother. He had been bullied for years based on his perceived sexual orientation. More recently, students referred to him as a "fag," and told him directly that he was a piece of crap and that he didn't deserve to live.

- On September 13, seventeen year-old Cody Barker of Shiocton, Wisconsin took his own life, according to an obituary posted in the Wisconsin Gazette. He was very active in his high school and planned to start a GSA during this academic year. He "cared about making his school a safe place for all students," although it was suggested that school wasn't always a safe place for him. Less than a week later, another student who attended a support group for gay teens with Cody also tried to commit suicide.

- On September 19, thirteen year-old Seth Walsh of Tehachapi, California attempted to hang himself in a tree in his backyard. This came after years of being bullied, particularly after coming out as gay. School administrators at Jacobsen Middle School in his hometown did nothing to stop the attacks, even though an anti-bullying program was in place at the school. Seth ended up on life support for nearly ten days before dying on September 29 of his injuries.

- Earlier this semester, eighteen year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi was filmed by his roommate via hidden camera as he engaged in sexually explicit activity with another young man. The roommate posted the video on the internet, and spread it around using Twitter and other social media. When Tyler discovered the video, which essentially outed him, he drove to a parking lot in New Jersey on September 22, left his car in a parking lot, walked onto the George Washington Bridge and jumped. His last Facebook status update was reportedly, "Jumping off the GW Bridge. Sorry." His body was discovered in the Hudson River on September 30 and finally identified the following day.

- On September 23, thirteen year-old Asher Brown shot himself in the head with a gun that he found hidden away in his parents' bedroom and died. That morning, he had come out as gay to his father, David Truong, who accepted it without issue. While Truong and his wife, Amy, indicated that they had made repeated telephone calls to the school district regarding their son's bullying, the school district denies that anyone ever contacted them about Asher's situation. Asher was ridiculed by the same four students not only because of his sexuality, but because of his small stature, his religion (Buddhism), and his lack of designer clothing. The day before he died, he was reportedly kicked down two flights of stairs by one of the bullies. The D.A. in Houston is presently investigating the situation.

- On September 25, fifteen year-old Harrison Chase Brown of Rand Colorado reportedly died suddenly, according to an obituary in a local newspaper. Friends of Harrison's told blogger Perez Hilton that he killed himself because he had been bullied. No further information has been made available.

- On September 29, openly gay 19 year-old Raymond Chase, a student at Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI, was found dead in his dorm room where he had hung himself. Neither the university nor his family has suggested a motive for his suicide or any additional information.

- Also on September 29, seventeen year-old Felix Sacco, a senior at Saugus High School in Saugus, Massachusetts, jumped from an overpass onto U.S. Route 1 during rush hour traffic. He died later that day of massive head injuries at a hospital in Boston. Friends indicated that there was a history of him being bullied, probably because of his quiet nature and love of music and film. Others indicated that, when he tried to see a guidance counselor early on the morning of his death, he was turned away, and left the building in tears. Both the State Police and the Superintendent of Schools in Boston are investigating.

- On September 30, fourteen year-old Caleb Nolt, a freshman at Fort Wayne High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, also reportedly committed suicide. Classmates said he was a victim of anti-gay bullying, although additional details remain unknown.